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Eating whole grains is good for your health
Coarse grains can also prevent stroke. According to reports, a 12-year study in the United States has shown that large amounts of whole grains can significantly reduce the risk of stroke.
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What are the therapeutic health effects of cereals?
Miscellaneous grains are like medicine. Millet is made into porridge with newly produced millet, which tastes fragrant and sweet, and is rich in protein, glutinous rice, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B, B, etc. It has the effects of promoting appetite
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From "producing more grain" to "producing good grain"
At present, my country's grain production capacity has reached 1.2 trillion catties, but the structural contradictions are very prominent, and the supply of high-quality varieties is insufficient. The State Grain Administration and the Ministry of Finance launched the
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Medicinal dietary therapy of mung bean
Mung beans will turn black after being boiled in an iron pan; apples and pears will turn black after being cut with an iron knife. This is because the cells of mung beans, apples, pears and many kinds of fruits all contain tannin, which can react with iron to produce black iron tannate.
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What is brown rice and what are its nutritional value?
Brown rice refers to the whole grains except the shell. That is, rice with cortex, aleurone and germ. Although the taste is relatively coarse and it takes time to cook, the nutritional value is much higher than that of white rice. The protein and amino acids contained in it are easily
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Different methods of making mung bean soup have different results
Chinese medicine believes that mung beans are cool in nature and sweet in taste, and usually boil some soup to escape the heat and quench thirst. Because it has the effect of diuresis and lowering the air, drinking after food or drug poisoning can discharge toxins from the body. The research found that mung beans are rich in lysine
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