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Unique effects of red bean milk
The traditional Chinese diet is exquisite: "Five grains are good for nourishment, but beans are bad." It means that grains are nutritious, but without beans, the balance will be lost. And there is the theory that "red beans replenish the heart, soybeans replenish the spleen, mung beans replenish the liver, white
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Efficacy and effect of barley and mung bean soup
Mung beans contain a globulin and polysaccharides, which can promote the decomposition of cholesterol in animals into cholic acid in the liver, accelerate the secretion of bile salts in bile and reduce the absorption rate of cholesterol in the small intestine.
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How to make barley, better health
The efficacy and role of Chixiaodou and barley porridge require a detailed analysis of the two. First, let’s take a look at Chixiaodou. The red Chixiaodou is also called rice bean, red bean, and red adzuki bean. It is not only rich in starch, but also includes magnesium, iron, Copper, potassium, calcium
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Coarse Grain Health-Brown Rice Weight Loss
Brown rice is the rice with the cortex, aleurone layer and germ remaining after the rice husk is removed. Compared with ordinary white rice, brown rice is rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. It is a green and healthy rice that is loved by more and more people. food.
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What are the whole grains?
Whole grains usually refer to grains and soybean crops other than the five major crops of rice, wheat, corn, soybeans and potatoes. Mainly include: sorghum, millet, buckwheat (tartary buckwheat), oats (naked oats), barley, millet, millet, coix seed, grain amaranth and kidney beans (kidney beans), mung beans, adzuki beans (red adzuki beans, adzuki beans), broad beans, peas , Cowpeas
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Four advantages of eating red beans
Red beans are a relatively common food in our daily lives. Frequent consumption of red beans can help us strengthen our spleen and stomach and promote digestion. So do you know the other advantages of eating red beans? Today I will inform you that eating red beans has these four advantages. Let's take a look.
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Recently, feed companies in Changchun area began to purchase tidal grains
The local feed enterprises listed the purchase of dry grain for 2280-2290 yuan/ton (14% water for Chen grain), which was the same as yesterday. The purchase price of new grain from surrounding feed enterprises was 2260 yuan/ton, 15% water, and the drying tower was not started much. After the snowfall, the moisture content of local tidal grains mostly reached 30%. The feed companies directly collected the listed price of 1790 yuan/ton, Xinglongshan Dacheng standard water was listed at 2180 yuan/ton, and the tidal grain purchased 1796 yuan/ton, 30%. It is expected that local corn will be listed in bulk. After December.
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A large number of Northeast corn listed, purchasing and storage support the bottom
Recently, as the weather in the Northeast has improved, the amount of corn on the market has increased significantly. The introduction of the temporary reserve policy constitutes a bottom support for corn prices, which will stimulate corn prices to rise in the short term
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